Virtual Practice Builder is HERE!
Generate revenue during this down time by offering virtual appointments!
If you’ve been thinking about offering virtual appointments for
your patients, this is exactly what you need to get started.  
  • CONVENIENT for your patients....
  • ​ ENSURES consistent cash flow....
  •  IMPROVES patient satisfaction....  
  • FLEXIBILITY for the practitioner....
Your patients are waiting for you! 
What others are saying about Virtual Practice Builder...
"The Whole Program was Awesome!"
The whole program was awesome! Thank you so much for all the helpful tips, and giving such great examples from your experience! This totally makes me excited to bring some new things into our virtual practice!

Dr. Claire
"It's Been So Helpful and Practical!"
Brilliant!!! Thank you so much for being a true pioneer and for forging a path and leaving a very easy to follow map that gets us to our goal of virtual consulting. This course has been so helpful and practical!

Dr. Mary
"Thank You So Much for This Program!"
Thank you so much for teaching this program, it was great! Most of the information you presented was new to me and I am excited to implement all of the helpful tips you have shared in my practice!

Dr. Richard
"Mind Blown! Incredible Information!"
Mind Blown! Incredible information! The course was very nicely presented. I am so glad I enrolled when I did and can now get a head start on setting up my virtual practice. Thank you for what you do!

Dr. Joe
The Virtual Practice Builder course is a Business Investment you shouldn't be without!
Are you considering adding virtual visits to your business model?
If the answer is YES, this online course will show you the exact steps to take!

Learn how a virtual practice can transform your business, add income to your bottom line, and help you provide the best care possible for your patients or clients.

Full of checklists, resources, and practical education, Ronda Nelson provides you with everything you need to know to integrate virtual consulting into your practice.
Virtual Practice Builder is ONLY $179.00...
Just a few virtual appointments will pay for the entire training!
Stay in touch with your wellness patients by connecting with them virtually.
Bring on a whole new dimension to your practice that will serve you forever.
* Detailed step-by-step guides to implement virtual consultations
* Tips and best practices for managing your business
* Virtual tools and how-to guides, PLUS numerous additional resources
* Video tutorials explaining how to use your new virtual tools
* Sound advice for conducting your virtual appointments
* Guidelines for pricing, scheduling, and storing patient files online
* Recommendations for sustaining your virtual practice
And more.....
maintain your 
Cash flow

Every little bit of cash helps offset the monthly expenses that don't go away. Work with your patients virtually to keep your clinic moving forward.
Stay connected  
Fear is the currency these days and your patients need to know you've got their backs. Seeing a familiar face helps them stay on track.
Work from
If you're quarantined (or expect to be very soon), you can still connect with your patients while working from the comfort of your home.
The entire training is only $179.00
Just a few virtual appointments will pay for it.
Now is the time to take advantage of the changes we are seeing by upgrading the way you deliver wellness care to your patients.

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"I love helping practitioners grow their businesses and increase their income. That's what lights me up!"
Ronda Nelson
If you’re ready to make the transition into a virtual practice, you’re in the right place.
Virtual appointments are becoming the norm.
Get started now to beat the rush and stay ahead of the game.  
Can't wait to see you inside the course!

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