More Confidence, More Clients, and a Thriving Clinical Practice
(even in today’s tense environment)

👉 Save Time, Money, and a LOT of Stress With Proven Client Roadmaps, Marketing Plans, and Clinical Guidelines That Make Your Wellness Business a Joy! 👈

My name is Dr. Ronda Nelson and I know the challenges you face growing your clinical practice.


Because for the last 20+ years I’ve been in the trenches growing my own functional medicine practice.

Everything from trying to navigate complex patients and identifying the right supplements, to creating business processes, managing a growing team, and figuring out how to market the business amidst all the growing regulations.

And don’t get me started on the struggle to stay up to date on all the latest clinical knowledge and developments… it’s A LOT. It’s no wonder that even the most skilled wellness practitioners are feeling an immense sense of overwhelm.

That's why...

...I’m Sharing Everything You Need To Grow Your Practice Based on My Decades of Experience
(including what’s working right now)!

When you have a thriving clinical practice, people take notice.

It wasn’t long before I was being invited to be a featured speaker at seminars and
major industry events.
In fact, I’ve now spoken at more than 350+ seminars sharing these same best practices and developed a reputation for simplifying complex subjects into practical actions so that other wellness practitioners could get the same results.

I became known as the “practitioner’s practitioner”.

And I discovered a whole new passion and love…

Helping YOU… the Wellness Practitioner! 💙

Here's What Other Practitioners Have to Say About Clinical Academy:

Clinical Academy is an investment in yourself!

"Clinical Academy is an investment in yourself and your office. The knowledge is ready to use the next day. Once I learned more and had the confidence to apply what we were learning, suddenly conversations would turn into patients and that means increased income with patients you are already seeing. It has led to more sales and happier patients!"

- Dr. Lu M.

This has helped me be a better clinician!

"I love Clinical Academy! The topics are fantastic and Ronda breaks it down in a way that really makes sense. I can apply it to the next patient who walks in the door. This has definitely helped me be a better clinician! I am thrilled to be part of this amazing group of practitioners. Thank you for all that you do Ronda. I am truly inspired and grateful!"

- Dr. Katie T.

An absolute must-have for you and your practice!

"Ronda has put together the perfect set of tools and resources for us to make our clinic processes customizable and provide the best patient experience. If you're moving your practice forward and want to improve office procedures, patient outcomes, and satisfaction, Clinical Academy is an absolute must-have for you and your practice."

- Dr. Don S.

My philosophy is this…

If I can help YOU grow your practice and serve more patients (without the stress and burnout often associated with our industry), then collectively we can have a bigger positive impact on this world.


👉👉If You Burn Out, Fizzle Out, or Can’t Grow Your Practice, Then All That Time, Money, and Knowledge Goes To Waste!!

We have all been stretched to our limits the last several years. 

 And it’s not likely going to end.
This is precisely why we have to simplify every area of our business so that we can serve our clients (and ourselves) at the highest level.

That’s why getting YOU the right information, when you need it, in the most simple way is the highest priority of Clinical Academy.

What Is Clinical Academy and
How Can It Help You?

Clinical Academy saves you time and helps you serve your clients better all while helping you grow your business. 

Yes, it includes…

A searchable library of clinical outcomes, client roadmaps, and detailed responses to real life client situations (which is like having a mentor who has answers anytime you need them with a difficult client situation)...

But it’s also a collection of clinical resources, checklists, and proven protocols that simplify the running of the business. Just imagine the time you will save!

It’s also an essential resource for novice practitioners and seasoned clinicians alike keeping you up to date on the latest developments so that you’re not having to sift and sort through the latest research and mandates… but rather having them delivered in bite sized ways making it easy to stay relevant and up to date.

It’s also a tool that will help you make even better clinical decisions and grow your expertise so you feel confident in what you recommend and suggest to your clients.

And most importantly, it’s a safe environment to help support you in growing your business, and serve more people, all while making things easier and far less stressful.

You Don’t Have To Do This Alone.
Simplify Your Business. Bring Back Your Sanity.

The good news is that you don’t have to try and navigate the pressures of trying to grow your practice by yourself.

Overwhelm, stress, and burnout come from constantly trying to figure everything out by yourself (while running the business and serving clients).

That’s exhausting. And it leads to frustrating results.

Instead, tap into the experience and support that are waiting for you inside Clinical Academy.

That’s what it has been designed to do.

Simplify the process of running a successful and profitable wellness practice.

Just ONE New Patient Pays For
The Entire Year of Membership!

And think about it this way...

If we just talk numbers, joining Clinical Academy will become one of the best investments you can make in your business.

Because if all you do is learn one new concept that helps you attract ONE NEW PATIENT, it pays for itself.

For example, we know that the average patient is worth over $2,350/year to your practice.

One new patient more than pays for the entire year’s membership.

And do you think you’re going to learn at least one new concept that will get you one new patient this year? 


You’re going to get a LOT more than that. But with just one new insight, you'll attract even more new patients... and viola! The membership has paid for itself. 

That’s not accounting for the time saved using our clinical processes.

That doesn’t include the confidence you’ll gain knowing exactly what to recommend to every one of your wellness patients…

Or the stress that will be eliminated as your business adopts proven, yet ultra simple business building practices.

And when you’re immersed in this supportive environment, surrounded by other wellness practitioners who are openly and eagerly sharing with one another, you can’t help but be inspired, motivated, and energized as everyone grows together.

The world is already chaotic enough. That’s why now more than ever, it has become increasingly important to streamline what we do and how we do it, together. 

Are You Ready to Change the Way You Provide Wellness Care For Your Patients?

Join Clinical Academy TODAY!


Clinical Academy Will Change The Way You Practice... For The Better.

Clinical Academy is Built With YOU In Mind, By a Clinician Who Values Simplicity, and Sanity...

Imagine knowing EXACTLY what to recommend for every wellness patient!

All the Information You Need in ONE PLACE!

Dr. Ronda Nelson, Clinician and Founder of Clinical Academy
  • Get access to a library of clinical content and resources to find what you need quickly and easily
  • ​​5 Stages of a Successful Wellness Practitioner workbook and quiz  
  • ​Downloadable notes, transcripts, and audio files 
  • ​Behind the Scenes Interviews with other successful practitioners
  • ​Product recommendations, dosing, and clinical applications
  • BONUS Interviews with Professor Kerry Bone, Sally Fallon-Morrell, Amanda Williams, AND more 
  • Support from our amazing community of practitioners inside of a private group
  • ​​Simple explanations about complex clinical topics

Did we mention the recent facelift?!

Clinical Academy just got a major reboot and here's what's NEW!!

👉 New and improved clinical topics and resources
👉 The 5 Stages of a Successful Wellness Practitioner QUIZ (what stage are you?)
👉 Learn how to identify your perfect niche
👉 Tips and tricks for new patient onboarding
👉 How to best market your practice

Information That Helps You Succeed!

Helpful content and resources are added each month for you to use whenever you need them.


Bring your knowledge up to speed with Dr. Ronda-style explanations on various clinical and business topics. From foundational physiology to current medical perspectives and a variety of treatment options, you'll have more ah-ha moments than you can count! (and of course, plenty of fun along the way!)


With seminars few and far between, you'll absolutely love the Practitioner Interviews that are available! Learn from successful clinicians who have mastered the use and integration of functional nutrition in their practices. Each interview delivers surprising insights that will motivate and inspire you to continue growing!

Product Resources

This is where all the exciting (but never overwhelming) product information comes into play! Learn about Ronda's favorite herbal and nutritional products, how to use them, correct dosages, contraindications, and more. Guaranteed to be candidly 'non-compliant,' these insights will boost your confidence!

Access To Dr. Ronda

Have a tough case you need help with? As a member of Clinical Academy, you'll have access to Ronda through the private Clinical Academy online community, and the monthly Live Q&A events. You can also access her directly through your online portal with questions and comments regarding your content and resources.

Want to know what has been covered so far?

Click below for a glimpse of what you will find inside your membership!

Are You Ready To Join Hundreds of Other Practitioners Inside Clinical Academy
Once you enroll, ALL your lessons AND your super-awesome content will be waiting for you inside your Clinical Academy Library!
Plus, you'll get instant access to the Clinical Academy online community where you can connect with other practitioners just like YOU!

Your Patients Are Waiting For Your NEW Clinical Ninja Skills to Show Up!

Here's a reminder of everything you'll get inside Clinical Academy:

  • Huge library of clinical content that's 100% searchable (and it's super easy to do!) 
  • ​Access to BRAND-NEW clinical, business, and marketing content
  • ​Behind the Scenes Interviews with master practitioners 
  • Product recommendations, doses, and clinical uses
  • Downloadable transcripts and audio recordings of every lesson
  • ​Strategies, Supplement Protocols, and Patient Resources 
  • ​Exclusive ​BONUS Interviews with Professor Kerry Bone, Sally Fallon-Morrell, Amanda Williams, AND more 
  • Support inside our private Clinical Academy Group 
  • Exclusive resources not found anywhere else!
View the quick video above for just how easy it is to search your library of content. Find exactly what you need in seconds!
Here's The A's To Your Q's: 
Is the Clinical Academy course designed for just one type of practitioner?
The information contained inside of Clinical Academy is relevant for any practitioner who focuses on providing alternative, wellness care for their patients or clients. This could include medical doctors, naturopaths, chiropractors, nutritionists, acupuncturists, registered nurses, nutritionists, dentists, pharmacists, veterinarians, etc.
I’ve been incorporating functional medicine concepts with my patients for a long time. Will the information inside Clinical Academy be of any benefit to me?
We believe that learning is a journey that never ends. And although we don’t have any way of knowing whether the information would be beneficial for you specifically, we think you will be very satisfied with your Clinical Academy membership!
Are there any continuing education credits available?
At this time, CEU's are not available because of the way the lessons are delivered. But we are currently working with an accreditation agency on another possible option for our students and when we have any additional information, we will definitely let you know!  
Do I have to answer any questions or take any tests?
No tests around here! The information inside Clinical Academy is designed to help you improve your clinical skills and provide additional information about how to deliver better wellness care to your patients. 
If I have questions after listening to one of the lessons, will I be able to ask Ronda directly?
Each lesson has a comments section where you can ask any specific questions to Ronda. You can also post your questions inside the private online community where Ronda is actively involved.
Is there a specific supplement brand you recommend? 
Ronda LOVES using Standard Process and MediHerb with her patients so many of her recommendations will include these products. But the information provided can easily be translated to other product lines or supplement vendors depending on the individual practitioner. 
What is the refund policy?  
With your monthly subscription, you can cancel your membership at any time (but we'll be sorry to see you go!). The annual subscription comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. Just email us at and we’ll get it taken care of.
How will I get all the bonuses? 
The bonuses are amazing! And we definitely don't want you to miss out so your bonuses will be available inside your Clinical Academy library as soon as you enroll!
Can I work at my own pace or are the lessons only presented live?
You are able to work at your own pace from wherever is most convenient. There is a live Q&A on the 4th Thursday of the month, and a Behind the Scenes interview on the 2nd Wednesday of the month. If you miss these live events, the recordings will be available for you inside your library within a few days!
I’ve been to a number of Ronda’s seminars. How is Clinical Academy any different? 
Attending one of Ronda’s in-person seminars is like drinking from a fire hose! But Clinical Academy allows you to digest the information at your own pace without having to try and take notes and remember every single detail. 

When will the lessons be available for viewing and how do I access my content? 
There are already a TON of lessons available and just waiting for you right now! But each month something new will drip out, whether it's a brand new clinical topic or something business related! All associated resources will be available to download and start using immediately.

What if I can't keep up with the lessons? I don't want to fall behind.
Clinical Academy is designed to be a on-demand library of resources you can access whenever you need. Just like a Netflix account, you'll be able to watch, read, or listen to whatever lesson strikes your fancy. And the best part is that the ENTIRE content library is searchable, helping you find exactly what you need in a snap!
Have More Questions?
We're here to answer any and all questions you might have so please reach out
and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!
"Having the knowledge and confidence to
make the right recommendations for your patients is invaluable."
- Dr. Ronda Nelson, Founder of Clinical Academy

Are you ready to up your clinical game? This is where it begins - inside Clinical Academy. Choose what works best for your budget (either a monthly or annual membership!)