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Here's Why Being a Functional Blood Chemistry Expert is so Important.
You become the wellness authority
When you position yourself as the practitioner who knows how to find the hidden clues inside a 'normal' blood test, you will quickly become highly sought out as the 
wellness detective!
faster, better results
Having the ability to look beyond the obvious and uncover insights that can point toward the possible underlying cause allows you to create more efficient protocols, and you'll get results even faster.
patients feel more confident
Patients believe their blood labs are the holy grail when it comes to their health. When you can provide an alternative perspective and additional information that others missed, you will be their superhero!
Here's What Practitioners Are Saying About FBC!
The resources have been incredible!
"I took the FBC seminar the last time Ronda taught it, and it was phenomenal! I took notes at the speed of light and watched the replays several times. The resources have been incredible, and I use them constantly. If you haven’t taken it yet, it’s a no-brainer!"
- DR. nicole
If you haven't taken it, take it!
"Every practitioner should take Dr. Ronda’s Blood Chem seminar! I took it the last time she offered it and learned so much that I could apply immediately to my patients. So if you haven’t taken it, take it!"
Well worth the money and time!
"WOW! What an amazing Functional Blood Chemistry seminar! Ronda definitely brought her A-game, which is no surprise. This was my second time to take this seminar and it was well worth the money and time!"
- DR. jessica
Ronda's FBC seminar is fabulous!
"Ronda's FBC seminar is fabulous!!! Thank you so much for the massive amount of work that goes into it! And thank you for the Q&A session immediately following. The lecture info is still fresh in our minds, so your answers are quicker to hit 'pay dirt'! WELL DONE!!!"
- DR. mccorkle
The FBC Seminar Will Change the Way You Practice. 
"I was super skeptical the first time I took this seminar. I didn't believe I could ever understand the complexities of blood chemistry so I'd given up even trying. That was until Dr. Ronda showed up. 

She literally changed my life, my practice, and the lives of my patients.
Even though I've attended this seminar multiple times, I wouldn't miss it for the world. I learn something new every single time!

Hands down, this is my all-time favorite seminar and Ronda is my all-time favorite speaker, so it's a win-win!"

-Dr. Brenda

Who is Dr. Ronda Nelson?
Ronda Nelson has been teaching healthcare practitioners how to improve their clinical skills and build a highly successful practice. Her unique teaching style is practical, fun, and based on solid clinical experience.

Ronda has an uncanny ability to transform a complex subject into one that is simple, actionable, making her one of functional medicine's most respected educators. Her warm personality combined with her own style of raw candor has created a groupie-like following of practitioners who appreciate her down-to-earth approach.

If she's not working with practitioners in her online clinical membership (Clinical Academy) or inside Clinical Business Academy, she is sitting by the pool enjoying her favorite adult beverage which will undoubtedly contain some sort of botanical gin. 
The Understanding Functional Blood Chemistry Seminar Will Be Back!
Be sure to fill out the form below and we will let you know when we have the dates for the 2024 FBC seminar! 💙
Have questions? We're happy to help!
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