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Gain real-world clinical skills that get outstanding patient results.

Clinical Academy gives you the training & support you need to build a thriving practice!

An absolute must-have for you and your practice!

"Ronda has put together the perfect set of tools and resources for us to make our clinic processes customizable and provide the best patient experience.

If you're moving your practice forward and want to improve office procedures, patient outcomes, and satisfaction, Clinical Academy is an absolute must-have for you and your practice."
- Dr. Don S., DC

My name is Dr. Ronda Nelson and I know the challenges you face growing your clinical practice.


Because for the last 20+ years I’ve been in the trenches growing my own functional medicine practice.

Everything from trying to navigate complex patients and identifying the right supplements, to creating business processes, managing a growing team, and figuring out how to market the business amidst all the growing regulations.

And don’t get me started on the struggle to stay up to date on all the latest clinical knowledge and developments… it’s A LOT. It’s no wonder that even the most skilled wellness practitioners are feeling an immense sense of overwhelm.

That's why...

I’m Sharing Everything You Need To Grow Your Practice Based on My Decades of Experience!

(including what’s working right now)

When you have a thriving clinical practice, people take notice.

It wasn’t long before I was being invited to be a featured speaker at seminars and
major industry events.
In fact, I’ve now spoken at more than 350+ seminars sharing these same best practices and developed a reputation for simplifying complex subjects into practical actions so that other wellness practitioners could get the same results.

I became known as the “practitioner’s practitioner”.

And I discovered a whole new passion and love…

Helping YOU… the Wellness Practitioner! 💙

Whether you're new or experienced, Clinical Academy will up-level your expertise!

“Anyone on the fence about joining Clinical Academy - DO IT! Oh my gosh, this is a no-brainer

I've been a member for several months and I am a provider of 25 years experience, and Ronda's modules and trainings are the BOMB

I'm deep into the SIBO class right now, learning and up-leveling my expertise

No matter if you are new-ish or an old experienced provider like myself - you WILL learn, and be in a tribe of like-minded people who all support each other!”

- Karen Cross, PA

We have all been stretched to our limits the last several years. 

 And it’s not likely going to end.
This is precisely why we have to simplify every area of our business so that we can serve our clients (and ourselves) at the highest level.

That’s why getting YOU the right information, when you need it, in the most simple way is the highest priority of Clinical Academy.

What is Clinical Academy and 
How Can it Help You?

Get access to the complete library of clear, direct clinical training in Clinical Academy!

JOIN NOW and get all this:

Monthly Q&A Calls with Ronda to solve your toughest cases, get your clinical questions answered and learn new clinical and business insights hot off the press!
Value👉 $6,000

 Behind-the-Scenes interviews with practitioners and other industry professionals to help you grow your business, boost your confidence, and improve your clinical skills!
Value👉 $3,500

 Practitioner Interviews that will encourage and inspire you to continue pursuing your passion and show you what's possible in your own clinic!
Value👉 $2,400

 Clinical Library with over 40 relevant topics, 350+ protocols and training that is simple, straightforward, and will allow you to take action immediately! (available in video and audio).
Value👉 $10,000

 Resource Hub with hundreds of patient-friendly handouts and practitioner resources that will keep your patients on track and help you grow your practice at the same time!
Value👉 $1,500

 Product Vault containing short audio recordings about a wide variety of herbal and nutritional products, designed to help you make the best decision for your patients.
Value👉 $1,500

 Online Community of practitioners who are passionate about supporting each other with encouragement, advice, and practical tips that can be used right away!

The value of the complete Clinical Academy library is $23,400

Get started TODAY for just $99!

Clinical Academy will help you create the perfect wellness protocol... Every. Single. Time.

Exclusively for registered health professionals who value a holistic approach:

 Medical Doctors


 Naturopathic Doctors


 Registered Nurses


 Nurse Practitioners

 Dieticians & Nutritionists

 Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine

 Physical Therapists

 Physician Assistants 


Clinical Academy takes you through the

5 Stages of a Successful Wellness Practitioner

No matter which stage you’re at right now, Clinical Academy gives you support, training & resources to become the in-demand practitioner that everyone wants to work with!

Stage 1

You’re just starting to incorporate functional nutrition into your clinical practice and want to get started on the right foot!

Stage 2

You’re feeling more confident with your clinical recommendations, and now want to refine your systems & get more organized!

Stage 3

You’re niching down to a particular kind of client or condition, and you’re finally starting to reap the financial rewards!

Stage 4

Your practice is booming! Now you want to keep growing your team so you can start helping even more people!

Stage 5

With a rockstar team in place, now you have even more time and money thanks to your thriving clinical practice!

Boosting your clinical skills is the surest way to success!

Listen, you became a practitioner because you care about helping people.

But if you’re uncertain or less-than-confident in your skills, you’re holding back from people who need your help.

(Not to mention you’re missing out on good revenue!)

Clinical Academy is your ‘safe space’ where it’s OK not to know all the answers.

It’s also your ‘safety net’ because all the answers are here - either in the training, or in the community.

In Clinical Academy you’ll immediately have a network of people who all have the same goal with patients. We help each other out.

Because here’s the thing…

When you get great results for your patients, you barely have to market your practice.

Word of mouth spreads, and you become the “go-to” person in town.

The big secret to having a successful practice is first having the clinical know-how that gets great results.

The better you are as a clinician, the better your business will be.

I want you to have all the financial success, freedom, and fulfillment that come with having a successful practice.

This has definitely helped me be a better clinician!

“I love Clinical Academy! 

The monthly topics are fantastic and Dr. Ronda breaks it down in a way that really makes sense. I can apply it to the next patient who walks in the door

Plus you always have access to your content. 

This has definitely helped me be a better clinician. A HUGE thank you to Dr. Ronda! I am thrilled to be part of this amazing tribe of practitioners. ”
- Dr. Katie Thompson, DC



The Netflix-style portal is completely searchable. You’ll find what you are looking for right away.

You can also lean on the collective expertise of our community by posting a question in the Facebook group!


Start watching the training video at the exact second it covers the topic you want to know about. (No time wasted trying to find what you’re looking for!)

You’ll also get resources, handouts, and product recommendations.


Now that you know what to do, it’s simple to apply it! Just follow the steps.

Ready to give your patients the best care possible?

With our community, help is just 1 message away!

Get the inside scoop from clinicians who’ve “been there, done that” so you save time and get results faster for your patients.

Our community is full of practitioners who are experts in their own right, and even I regularly learn from our members!

You’ll be surrounded by people who share your beliefs *wink-wink!*, like how food is key to healing the body, and that people should have autonomy over their choices.

In Clinical Academy you’ll lean on our collective hundreds of thousands of clinical hours.

It’s the ultimate shortcut to getting great outcomes for your patients.

Just post a question, and you’ll get answers! 💙

Posts like this happen every day in Clinical Academy.

Get this level of support from hundreds of smart practitioners! 

Get the right information that you can apply quickly and get results, which leads to more patients!

“Clinical Academy helps us ask meaningful questions so we can spot why someone isn’t getting good results. 

For example, when someone says their thyroid medication never balances I ask if the antibodies were tested, explain why that is important, and tell them I will take a quick look at their blood work. 

They are instantly interested in becoming a patient. 

Being able to look at blood work and give someone information no one ever told them is a home run!

Thanks to Clinical Academy, I have the confidence and know-how to do these things. 

Patients want answers, they want to feel better, and now I can do just that. 

You get the right information that you can apply quickly and get results, which leads to more patients.”        

- LuAnn Morrow, DC

Here's The A's To Your Q's: 
Is the Clinical Academy course designed for just one type of practitioner?
The information contained inside of Clinical Academy is relevant for any practitioner who focuses on providing wellness-based options for their patients or clients. This could include medical doctors, naturopaths, chiropractors, nutritionists, acupuncturists, registered nurses, nutritionists, dentists, pharmacists, veterinarians, etc.
I’ve been incorporating functional medicine concepts with my patients for a long time. Will the information inside Clinical Academy be of any benefit to me?
We believe that clinical learning is a journey that never ends. And although we don’t have any way of knowing your current level of knowledge, we think you’ll find the information inside Clinical Academy to be incredibly useful! 
Are there any continuing education credits available?
At this time, CEU's are not available because of the way the lessons are delivered and the number of states and disciplines we have in our community. And the information isn’t necessarily “compliant” making it ineligible for some CE boards. But if anything changes in the future, we will definitely let you know! 
Do I have to answer any questions or take any tests?
No tests around here! The information inside Clinical Academy is designed to help you improve your clinical skills and provide additional information about how to deliver better wellness care to your patients. 
If I have questions after listening to one of the lessons, will I be able to ask Ronda directly?
Each lesson has a comments section where you can ask any specific questions for Ronda - and she watches for them like a hawk! You can also post your questions inside the Clinical Academy private online community where Ronda is actively involved.
Is there a specific supplement brand you recommend? 
Ronda LOVES using Standard Process and MediHerb with her patients which means most of her recommendations will include these products. But the information provided can easily be translated to other product lines or supplement vendors depending on your own personal needs.
What is the refund policy?  
With your monthly subscription, you can cancel your membership at any time (but we'll be sorry to see you go!). The annual subscription comes with a 30-day money back guarantee so in either case, if you’re not happy, just let us know by emailing support@rondanelson.com and we’ll get it taken care of.
I used to attend Ronda’s in-person seminars. How is Clinical Academy different?
Lucky you! Attending one of Ronda’s in-person seminars was like drinking from a clinical fire hose! Clinical Academy is the digital version of her ever-popular seminars (plus a whole lot more!) in bite-sized video trainings. This allows you to pick and choose what you want to learn, WHEN you want to, without feeling like you’re drowning!

Can I work at my own pace or are the lessons only presented live?
You can watch or listen to the lessons at your convenience. There is a Live Q&A Call on the 4th Thursday of the month, and a Behind the Scenes Interview on the 2nd Wednesday of the month. If you miss these live events, the recordings will be available for you inside your library within a few days!
What if I can't keep up with the lessons? I don't want to fall behind.
Clinical Academy is designed to be a Netflix-style library of training and other resources you can access whenever you need. You'll be able to watch, read, or listen to whatever topic that strikes your fancy. And the best part is that the ENTIRE content library is searchable, helping you find exactly what you need in a snap!
When will the lessons be available for viewing and how do I access my content? 
There are already a TON of lessons available and just waiting for you right now! But each month something new will drip out, whether it's a brand new clinical topic or something business related! All associated resources will be available to download and start using immediately.

Have More Questions?
We're here to answer any and all questions you might have so please reach out
and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!

It's time to get this party started! 🎉

Will you join me and be part of the amazing community inside Clinical Academy?