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Imagine knowing EXACTLY what to recommend for every patient!

Clinical Academy is Built With YOU In Mind, By a Clinician Who Values Simplicity... 😊

A practice growth membership for wellness practitioners that provides a library of clinical resources AND the business tools needed to help you grow a thriving clinical practice.

All the Information You Need in ONE PLACE!

Dr. Ronda Nelson, Clinician and Founder of Clinical Academy
  • Get access to a library of clinical content and resources to find what you need quickly and easily
  • ​​5 Stages of a Successful Wellness Practitioner workbook and quiz  
  • ​Downloadable notes, transcripts, and audio files 
  • ​Behind the Scenes Interviews with other successful practitioners
  • ​Product recommendations, dosing, and clinical applications
  • BONUS Interviews with Professor Kerry Bone, Sally Fallon-Morrell, Amanda Williams, AND more 
  • Support from our amazing community of practitioners inside of a private group
  • ​​Simple explanations about complex clinical topics

Here's What Other Practitioners Have to Say About Clinical Academy:

"The detail of each subject is phenomenal!"

"The detail of each subject is phenomenal! It is broken down so well and is organized in a way that helps make the subject matter understandable. I have definitely been able to utilize this information in my practice. I have all my notes and resources organized in a special binder that I can refer to when I need it. Clinical Academy is the BEST!" 

- Dr. Susan P.

"This has helped me be a better clinician!"

"I love Clinical Academy! The topics are fantastic and Ronda breaks it down in a way that really makes sense. I can apply it to the next patient who walks in the door. This has definitely helped me be a better clinician! I am thrilled to be part of this amazing group of practitioners. Thank you for all that you do Ronda. I am truly inspired and grateful!"

- Dr. Katie T.

"An absolute must-have for your practice!"

"Ronda has put together the perfect set of tools and resources for us to make our clinic processes customizable and provide the best patient experience. If you're moving your practice forward and want to improve office procedures, patient outcomes, and satisfaction, Clinical Academy is an absolute must-have for you and your practice."

- Dr. Don S.

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