Is Your Practice Thriving or Surviving?
Having a profitable and successful practice is absolutely possible.
But knowing how to make it happen can feel paralyzing.
Have you ever found yourself wondering...
  • Why your practice isn't consistently growing?
  • How to make your internal systems more efficient to avoid wasting time? 
  • Why some of your patients just never come back?
  • When you'll be able to take a real vacation without worrying about lost revenue?
  • What type of marketing strategies actually work to make your phone ring?
Weekly coaching with Ronda provides the opportunity for collaboration and accountability as practitioners begin to see their practices thrive!
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Imagine what your life would be like if you had someone helping you grow a profitable practice and cheering for your success?
Business Coaching Collaborative!
A 10-Week group coaching experience to help practitioners change their mind, grow their business and get out of the rut!
  • Supportive Community of Like-Minded Practitioners
  • ​Weekly Group Coaching Calls
  • ​Learn and Implement the 8 Essential Practice Pillars
  • 5 Weeks on Business Foundations
  • ​5 Weeks on Marketing Strategies
  • ​DIY Resources and Worksheets
Here's what a few practitioners have to say about business Coaching Collaborative...
"I LOVED my experience with BCC. I often struggled with internal systems and getting all my ‘gears to run smoothly’. After implementing the recommendations from Ronda, we now have amazing strategies and follow up systems that make our clinic run more smoothly and efficiently.
If you are a doctor who ‘does it all’ and is looking for more ‘freedom’ from your clinic, BCC is a great opportunity to make you the CEO and not the employee of your practice.
I am so happy I took the leap and committed to BCC.  It has been a game changer for my practice."

- dr. tara pfarr
"Ronda's Business Coaching Collaborative program is awesome! I have been through several of these types of programs (some costing 5X as much as hers).  This is the BEST one I have been through.  She offers practical information that helps you reconsider your role in your own business and learn how to put on your CEO pants.

It's not just about marketing, but teaches the ground-work first so that you are prepared for the business.

Ronda was very engaged throughout the process and great at responding to questions. This was well worth it and I would highly recommend it!"
- dr. jeni st. onge
"I can’t thank Ronda enough for her help inside the BCC program. It wasn’t always easy, but it worked and is still working. I strongly encourage you to sign up and do the coaching!

As a bonus, you will get to know other practitioners in the meetings and form friendships with them. They really support you when you feel you are at your wits end.

My deepest thanks and admiration for Ronda!"
- dr. katie thompson
What's Inside Business Coaching Collaborative?
Here's a weekly breakdown of what you'll learn inside the program!
all about you!
Take responsibility for where you’re at by identifying current roadblocks. We’ll create a new business model by getting clear on who you are as the CEO and where you want to grow.
Money, Finances, and CEO
Time to talk finances by exploring your story surrounding wealth and money. Learn best practices for managing your finances, bookkeeping strategies and financial reporting.
hiring the right team
Get the blueprint for hiring the right people and creating proper job descriptions. Then learn best practices for onboarding your staff and creating fair compensation for your employees.
Fees, Discounts, and Inventory
Establish efficient internal systems for setting your fees, (ahem, charging what you’re worth), helping your patient see the value in what you provide and tips on how to manage inventory. 
Nurturing a Stellar Team
Learn how to effortlessly keep a weekly clinic scorecard and track appointments to know your average patient revenue. Keep your team motivated with regular meetings, trainings and establishing a positive team culture. 
Identifying Your Ideal Customer
Get crystal clear on the type of patients you want to serve and then create the PERFECT messaging that speaks to their heart! By understanding their needs, objections and fears, your marketing can become crystal clear!
Finding Your Business Story
Your community of prospective patients want to connect with a real person. So, what makes you, you? Utilize the Storybrand framework to customize your message and craft the perfect headline statement.
Creating Your Marketing Map
Time to set your marketing objectives and explore ways to bring in more revenue! We create a marketing map, a comprehensive marketing calendar and explore successful content delivery options.
Optimizing Your Website
Without an optimized website, your business is dead in the water. Learn how your current site is performing, leverage the power of Google My Business and other free tools to help you show up on page one!
Using Social Media
Using social media doesn’t have to be scary - it’s FUN! Learn the science behind ‘being a good neighbor’ and discover practical ways to optimize Facebook and/or Instagram so your patients know they can rely on you!
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having a business coach is essential!
Because you can't see what you don't know to look for. #blindspotsarereal